On a random Monday morning at work, an acquaintance told me he had advanced tickets for Ready Player One. I thought, wow. My brother and I had been talking recently about how he had not seen a movie in a while. A stroke of luck? I would not know. Let’s get to the movie itself.

The movie focuses on a character named Wade Watts. He’s a VR Game prodigy on a platform called The Oasis. Everyone lives a second life out there because the real world has gone to the drain. Everything is pure dystopia. Trailer parks going vertical in Ohio. Cities destroyed. The world had given up on living. People no longer want to do anything in the real world. The game itself affects the real world though. You can earn currency in the game to spend on things but, if your character dies, all of your money in the real world disappears as well.

We discover that the founder of The Oasis, James Halliday, left a contest inside Oasis. One must collect three keys inside the game through a series of challenges to win and own the entire Oasis.

Now that you’re up to speed. Here’s my review:

Warner Brothers is going to make their money back from Justice League. The best way to describe this movie is that Steven Spielberg took as many toys as he could and,  directed an entire toy chest to end up with one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. The characters are well-written, the story is clear. Everything moves smoothly. I was hesitant about the 2 Hour 20 Minute running time but, the longer you watch the film, the more I understood why it had to run that long. Yes, some parts were dragging but, what movie does not?

Steven Spielberg hit a home run after striking out for so long. Without giving any spoilers away, a good way to describe this movie is if Steven Spielberg mashed a bunch of his popular movies into one gigantic movie. As you will find below:

Should you watch Ready Player One? DEFINITELY!

Should you watch it a Second Time? YES! So many cameos to look out for.

Overall Score: 4.5/5 Certain parts were dragging but, it does not stop the film from being a visual thrill ride.

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