The Geeky Juans Picks: Our Favorite Apex Legends Guns
Apex Legends has become gaming’s biggest surprise this 2019. With over 50 million players in just a month, the game has taken the Battle Royale genre by storm, thanks to its tight gameplay mechanics, the awesome Ping system, and interesting set of Legends to play with. Champions of the Arena In fact, I’ve been playing for a month now, and I can definitely say I’m hooked. With the launch of Season 1, the new Legend Octane (or as I would like to call him, Latino Heat) and the all-new Battle Pass, things look great for the game, and I’m even more excited for what the other seasons have to offer. The game’s weapons are also another highlight, with a wide selection of Assault rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, LMGs, and Sniper Rifles to choose from. Some of these guns have become staples for each player’s regular loadout, while some have become notorious for being outright mediocre (I’m looking at you, Mozambique). With that in mind, here are 7 of my favorite Apex Legends guns that I always make sure to get after every drop.


Peacekeeper Arguably the 3rd best gun in the game (next to the golden duo of the Mastiff and Kraber), the Peacekeeper has the makings of a great FPS shotgun. Devastatingly potent at close range, the Peacekeeper can also do some decent damage at mid-range, especially with the Precision Choke equipped. In fact, most of my kills are with this gun, and has helped save our squad from the jaws of defeat more times than not. The gun may have been nerfed and doesn’t spawn as often, but when you see one, don’t hesitate picking it up, as you have one of the best guns in the game.

R-301 Carbine

R-301 Carbine If the Peacekeeper is the most dependable shotgun in the game, the R-301 is the game’s best assault rifle, and maybe even the most well-rounded gun. An accurate gun with a rapid firing rate, the R-301 is perfect for almost any gunfight. Whether it be the narrow corridors and buildings, or wide-open spots, the R-301 has enough range and stopping power. The best part is that the gun is easy to handle and has little recoil, along with having abundant ammo across the map. If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable gun that works in any situation, look no further than the R-301.

M600 Spitfire

M600 Spitfire I first encountered this gun when I was playing some single player campaigns in Titanfall 2. I really enjoyed using the gun in that game, and when I heard that Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe, I knew I had to get my hands on the Spitfire again. An LMG that packs a strong punch, the Spitfire also has one of the largest clip sizes in the game, allowing you to carry around 35-45 rounds using extended mags. Unlike other LMGs in your usual FPS games, the Spitfire has steady recoil, allowing it to be just as accurate as your regular assault rifle. This also allows it to eat through enemy armor at a rapid rate, making it a great gun to have during late game, where most players have maxed out their body armor.

Havoc Rifle

Havoc The most recent gun added to the game, the Havoc is an assault rifle that can dish out damage quickly, especially with the Turbocharger equipped. While the gun is not ideal for close encounters without the Turbocharger, the Havoc is still a beast in the mid-range where it can tear through squads in a hurry. While it may not have the firing rate of the Devotion, the Havoc is still a powerful gun that handles better. The only gripe I have is that it’s hard to find energy rounds, meaning there would be times that you might have to ditch the gun for something with more ammo.


Wingman The best handgun in the game, the Wingman is the game’s equivalent of the Desert Eagle. Boasting high damage numbers (especially on headshots), and great range (I’ve seen players use it almost like a sniper rifle). The gun may be quite difficult to handle at first, but in the right hands, this is a weapon that can clear squads in short notice. Some people prefer to pair this with the Peacekeeper, and that’s surely a devastatingly good combination that will help you win more games.

G7 Scout

G7 Scout While the G7 Scout is classified as a sniper rifle, I tend to use it more as like a standard assault rifle despite the lack of full auto fire. The G7 reminds me of the M1 Garand (or the M14 according to a colleague), and this throwback charm might be one of the main reasons I use the gun more often. That and probably because it has the best damage numbers among Light Ammo guns. While the Kraber and Longbow are undoubtedly the best sniper rifles in the game, the G7 Scout is no slouch, and is able to provide some solid ranged firepower, while still being usable as a regular rifle

Eva 8 Auto

Eva 8 Auto Can’t find a Peacekeeper? The Eva 8 is your next best bet for a shotgun, since your next option is perhaps the worst gun in the game. While it may not be as devastating as the Peacekeeper, the Eva 8 is still a great gun that can spray pellets at a rapid rate. In narrow areas of the map, the Eva 8 is able to dominate thanks to its ability to spray a wide area with each shot, making sure that you damage anyone in front of you. And there we have it, our favorite Apex Legends guns. We might have left out some favorites, so mention your favorite guns in the comments below. Apex Legends has been perhaps the most fun I’ve had in a shooter since I played DOOM (2016), and despite this being my first foray into the Battle Royale genre, I guess I’m holding out well.

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A former teacher and guitarist, Jude (Twitter, Instagram) is currently a writer that covers video games and is one of the co-hosts of The Geeky Juans. Apart from hosting the podcast, you can also catch him streaming at Dude It’s Jude on Facebook.

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