One of Russi Taylor’s last projects featured Minnie professing her love for Mickey.

It is with much sadness to announce that Russi Taylor, the voice of Minnie Mouse for the past 40 years, has passed away.

She was also the original voice of Webigail Vanderquack on the original Ducktales series from the 1980s.

Russi was married to Wayne Allwine, the previous actor of Mickey Mouse, from the mid-1980s until his passing in 2009.

The couple always placed an emphasis on the fact that Russi and Wayne were married. Not Mickey and Minnie.

Russi played Minnie in numerous programs such as The Three Musketeers direct-to-dvd movie, House of Mouse, Kingdom Hearts and so many others.

We are offering our thoughts for Russi’s family and the Disney crew, She will forever be missed

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