We played the Final Fantasy VII Demo!: First Impressions

Just a few days ago, Square Enix surprised us all by releasing the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. With the game’s release just a month away, it’s great that we get to be able to try out a few short moments of the game’s first few minutes to get an idea of how the remake will look and play.

Here’s our quick thoughts and first impressions of the demo!

Graphics look FINE

From the get-go, you would already see the spectacular visuals of the remake. Light-years away from the graphics of the original, the demo gave is a nice brief look at how it would all look in the final product.

The cinematics and gameplay use the same engine, which allows the transition from gameplay to cut scenes look and feel seamless. Of course, the best part was seeing Cloud, Barrett and the gang look at their very best.

There’s just so much detail to see in he short demo, which makes us really excited to see how the rest of the world will look.

Combat works, but may not be what some fans like

Combat works!

One of the concerns of many FF fans is how will the combat play and look in the remake. As it is right now, the combat feels like a tweaked version of Final Fantasy XV, with Active Time Battle elements thrown in.

This means that you get an action RPG experience that offers a bit more in terms of strategy. Unlike FFXV, you wouldn’t be able to completely slash your way through enemies, as you would need to make timely dodges and blocks in order to find the best position to strike back. This added challenge is welcome, as this can make encounters more meaningful and rewarding.

Voice acting is spot-on

The original FFVII did not have voiced characters, as was every Final Fantasy game until X. This is why is was exciting to hear how each character would sound like in the remake. While we have heard a good amount of dialogue in the trailers and cinematics, hearing how they sound during gameplay itself was really great.

The highlight was hearing Cloud and Barrett exchanging banter back and forth, which was really hilarious, and adds so much personality that gives it more charm.

Overall, the demo was a nice quick look to how the remake will feel and play, and it just leaves us more excited to try it out once it releases.

Are you excited for the remake too? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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