Comics in The Time of Corona

The coronavirus has hurt everyone recently. One way or another, you have been affected. I have been affected. We all have been affected. One of the major geek havens has also been hurt by the coronavirus.

Comic book shops such as Comic Odyssey and Filbar’s experienced slight delays with deliveries due to the logistical challenges the virus has brought.

However, there are solutions to our quick escape from reality: Have your orders delivered.

You’re not just helping out your comic book shop stay alive in this crisis, you’re helping the riders have a living too.

Other countries have been able to do curbside pickup but, our community quarantines prevent this from happening. I’ll just drop handy links from our local comic shops below so you’re updated with their status

Comic Odyssey

Comic Odyssey can deliver to you via Grab or LalaMove.


Filbar’s mentioned they will hold reservations until the stores open or when they find a shipping option.

DK Collectibles

Sadly, DK Collectibles will be closed for the time being.

Comic Quest

Comic Quest is sadly closed as well.

Planet X Comics

Updated as of 04.20.2020

Posted by Planet X Comic Shop on Wednesday, April 15, 2020
The same goes for our Makati Friends with Planet X. They’ll be able to deliver though.

These are tough times for everyone. Let’s stand together and keep our geeky spirits strong. Don’t forget to practice good hygiene and stay indoors!

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