CHAOS Academy Opening Bell

The spread of the coronavirus has affected the operations of New Japan’s Shows. Luckily, the company has found ways to keep the fans entertained for the time being.

If you’re familiar with the CHAOS Stable’s Toru Yano DVDs, you would notice a segment called CHAOS Academy. Yano becomes the teacher for a comedic skit featuring other members of the group.

This special edition of CHAOS Academy is featured on NJPW World with english subtitles for everyone to enjoy. Please be reminded that a subscription is required to access these entertaining videos. It’s only 999 Yen which is about 400 to 500 Php.

On this edition of CHAOS Academy, we have Roppongi 3K Members Sho & Yoh participating in their first skit.

Roppongi 3K has never been part of any CHAOS Academy skits prior to this special Toru Yano Talk Show.

Anyways, here are the things we learned in the CHAOS Academy Extra:

  1. Ospreay loves eating sweets

The first question was “What does CHAOS do in the locker room”? Yoh was the first to respond by saying that the group jokes around but, they also talked about other observations like Will Ospreay’s habit of eating sweets and Yano’s habit of preparing to leave the venue right after a match.

Question number one lead us to a few more interesting tidbits such as Sho’s habit of bringing his supplement with him anywhere. Sadly, this has gotten him in trouble with airport authorities a few times. Yoh advised him to check it in with his luggage instead of a carry on. Sho was embarrased.

The conversation jumped all the way to conspiracy theories in the airport and even a discussion about protein bars. This special is off to a wonderful start.

2. Horror Stories

The next question was about the wrestlers’ scariest experiences. Sho starts off the conversation on one his and Yoh’s America Trips.

Some scary stuff right there

As Sho and Yoh entered their hotel room, they discovered that there were two people already occupying the room and the occupants freaked out. The discussion of freaking out lead to Yano telling the two about Ishii getting stuck in an elevator in Las Vegas.

Around this part of the show, we had one of the major highlights appear in the form of Tomohiro Ishii in his uniform.

The insanity continues for a long time. To compensate for the loss of the New Japan Cup, Yano decides to hold a thumb wrestling tournament to entertain the fans and it was a fun time for everyone.

Yano acts as the referee for Sho and Ishii’s match.

There is so much information to take in. You really have to watch it to believe it. We learned about how the wrestlers have backup gear on the NJPW Bus in case of a gear emergency and whatnot.

For a bonus, YOSHI-HASHI even made it towards the end of the show to sell Yano’s Hamburg Curry!

Here comes the latecomer!

Personally, I still have two unopened boxes of Yano’s Curry lying somewhere at home and I will definitely make a video of that once the community quarantine dies down.

YOSHI-HASHI is immediately impressed by the Savory Cheese Flavor of Yano’s curry and makes it an easy sell for customers to try.

YOSHI-HASHI reacts to Yano’s Curry Offscreen.

What made YOSHI-HASHI’s arrival so hilarious was the fact that he had to breeze through everything that R3K and Ishii already did earlier. It was a rapid fire segment that reached a point where YOSHI-HASHI had to face himself in thumb wrestling.

And to no one’s surprise YOSHI-HASHI is the butt of the jokes.

The Toru Yano Talk Show is a great time to get to know more about your favorite CHAOS members from a different perspective. We’re so used to seeing them as performers, but we get to see them as regular, everyday people in this video which is great to see.

If you’re up for a feel-good time, then CHAOS Academy is the perfect #NJPWTogether video for you!

(Photos are taken from the #NJPWTogether Toru Yano March 7 Talk Show on NJPW World.)

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