Amidst the coronavirus, many events have been cancelled or postponed left and right. One of the biggest events that was cancelled was San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Due to the cancellation of SDCC, DC fans won’t be able to experience falling in line to catch the latest trailers, sitting in a conference room to watch a panel with their favorite stars or visit their favorite franchise’s booths. Even SDCC decided to hold an online edition of their event for free.

Enter the DC FanDome. That’s right. The powers that be in DC Comics decided that they would bring the convention experience straight to you with an online event on August 22.

The DC FanDome Map

The FanDome has six different sections just like a convention. The main floor, in this case, is the Hall of Heroes. Just like the different publishing imprints of the company, each dome caters to a different audience. Let’s break them down:

Hall of Heroes

If we can compare the Hall of Heroes to any SDCC venue, it’s definitely Hall H where the biggest announcements pop up. In DC’s case, the hall will likely feature announcements about the latest DC films including Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, Justice League: The Snyder Cut, The Suicide Squad, Watchmen and much more.


The Watchverse is where users will get the chance to see behind the scenes videos, documentaries on more featuring the large library of DC Comics. Watchverse will give fans a closer look into how their favorite movies, TV shows are made and more.


The Youverse is the place for users to see the latest cosplay ideas, fan creations and any user-generated content. You can even submit your own work and be featured in the event. Users can submit their artwork, cosplay and more to win prizes!


For a family-friendly offering, you can introduce kids, and kids at heart, to the Kidsverse for entertaining programs. Some examples of DC Kids content includes Teen Titans GO!, DC Superhero Girls and more.


Catch a glimpse into how your favorite comic, tv show, movie, product is made through the Insiderverse. Artists will get the chance to learn about how the comics are being made through Jim Lee. Movie buffs will get to know more about the different DC films with Walter Hamada and TV fans get a chance to know more about the Arrowverse with creator Greg Berlanti.


The Funverse is where fans will be able to download templates for masks and other DIY projects to play with at home. You’ll also find a comic book reader, digital freebies (free comics hopefully?), and even limited-edition exclusives!

Blerd & Budjee House

For blerds and othernerds of color, celebrate your geekdom in the Blerd & Budjee House. Not much is known about this unique event but, what we do know is that the event will have discussion on the cultural impact of comics and more.

Catch all these events coming to your screens on August 22 US Time, that’s August 23 for us Asians. 😉

Steven Tan is a data encoder by day for an e-commerce company and blogger/podcaster by night for The Geeky Juans. He’s an Anaheim Ducks fan who also has a love for cartoons, comics and puroresu. You can find his rants on Twitter @steviesaidyup

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