2020 has been another big year for battle royales so far. With Activision launching Call of Duty: Warzone, and Ubisoft launching Hyper Scape, the genre is just as popular as ever.

While these battle royale games are your standard shoot and loot variety, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout looks to change things up and add a fresh new twist to the formula.

While the aim of the game is still to be the last man or team standing, you and 59 other people must dike it out in a series of challenging minigames.

Similar to popular TV shows like Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle, you have to dodge obstacles, test your platforming skills, and work as a team to reach the final round.

The game is out on Steam and PS4. PS Plus Subscribers will be able to get the game for free throughout the month of August.

Visuals – 4.5

Competition never looked this cute and colorful before

Simple and colorful, the bright visuals of Fall Guys gives the game a lot of charm and character. A break from the usual gritty or realistic settings that other battle royale games have.

From glossy textures to nice pastel sections, Fall Guys is probably 2020‘s most colorful game.

Hookability – 4

Don’t fall off the bracket!

The games may look simple, but with dozens of people competing with you, so many things can happen. You might be able to clear a jump or get through a wall, but you also have the change of bumping around everyone else doing the same thing, causing you to fumble around and get left behind.

The cute visuals belie the challenging gameplay, but it’s also one thing that will keep you playing for a long time and chase for that crown.

Mechanics – 4

Let’s just say you’ll get knocked down countless times.

The game’s controls are simple, giving you 3 key functions (jump, dive and grab). Like every platforming game, you need to be quick and precise in your movement to keep up the pace. A precise jump is the difference between getting through the next round or falling behind.

While there are times when the movement can feel weird, the simple controls means that everyone in the family can play.

Sounds – 5

Racing sections tend to get really messy

Along with the colorful visuals, the music is just as fun and energetic. Each round has a catchy and bouncy tune that would be stuck in your head even after playing the game.

Even after multiple rounds of getting eliminated, the cheery music is just enough to keep you coming back for more.

X-Factor – 4.5

Fall Guys’ minigame-oriented style of gameplay gives it a unique niche amongst the vast selection of Battle Royale games. Instead of one giant map, you get different rounds of games that will test your platforming skills.

It’s also worth noting that the in-game purchases are limited to special skin packs, and the battle pass is completely free. All you have to do is keep playing until you unlock everything. The store also releases some limited time items, giving you a host of customization options.

With the classic genre formula being at risk of becoming too repetitive, Fall Guys is a fresh new take that on a battle royale that gives players a new challenge to enjoy with everyone.

Verdict – 4.4 out of 5

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a bright and colourful Battle Royale that offers a lot of fun and chaotic moments with you and your friends.

With simple mechanics and challenging minigames, there is no doubt that you’ll just keep coming back for more.

P.S.: Those skins just look so adorable.

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