There are many things that make Gundam so fun to watch. From the battles to colorful casts of characters, there’s something for everyone.

Another thing that makes Gundam awesome is the opening themes. In classic anime tradition, opening themes help set the tone for the show. These songs help convey the atmosphere and emotion of the story, or help you get hyped up before watching an episode.

Over the past 4 decades, Gundam has given us some of the best opening themes in anime. This is why we’d like to rank the best ones throughout each decade.

To start things up, here are the best Gundam opening themes of the 80s!

Honorable Mention: Tobe! Gundam – Mobile Suit Gundam

The first Gundam show aired on 1979, which is why it’s opening is (sadly) in our honorable mentions. However, to not mention the opening would be a complete injustice as a Gundam fan, and it deserves this spot.

Tobe! Gundam was a very cheerful and upbeat opening that is still fun to listen too even after 40 years. For a show looking to introduce something new to the audience at that time, this was the perfect opening to help launch a show that would start a legendary franchise.

5. Anime Ja Nai (It’s not Anime) – Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam

ZZ Gundam’s humorous and light-hearted tone was a departure for the dark and bleak tone of Zeta Gundam, and this opening made sure people knew it too.

Anime Ja Nai was a fun, and energetic opening that helped bring a brighter atmosphere, which it delivered. While some fans don’t like the direction that ZZ’s first half went, it was still nice to see that Gundam knows how to have fun every now and then.

4. “Reach Out to the Sky Someday” (Itsuka Sora ni Todoite) – Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

Arguably one of the saddest stories in the Gundam franchise, War In The Pocket is about how the horrors of the One Year War affects different people. In this instance, a young boy named Alfred Izuruha.

The song’s childlike feel reinforces the show being seen through the eyes of Alfred. It also creates a somber tone that you wouldn’t really feel until the second half of the show.

3. Zeta – Toki wo Koete (Zeta – Transcending Times) – Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

A sentimental favorite of mine, Zeta Gundam’s first opening is probably the most 80s out of all of them. The pop theme of the song gives some nice energy that gets you hyped before every episode.

While it’s sad that, due to copyright issues, the song doesn’t appear as much as the other openings (mainly due to it being written by Neil Sedaka), it’s still a fun opening that you can bop too. (While counting how many characters die in the show)

2. Silent Voice – Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam

If Anime Ja Nai gave us a humorous song that shares the light-hearted tone of the show’s first half, then Silent Voice provides a darker and somber tone to start the second half of the show.

The song provides some heightened tension, showing that the stakes are higher this time around. You can also interpret the song as the young cast maturing as the show progresses. Overall, it’s a solid opening theme that can stand up to some of the best in the franchise.

1. Mizu no Hoshi e Ai wo Komete (From the Aqueous Star with Love) – Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

My favorite Gundam series of all time is Zeta Gundam, which is why both opening themes have a special place in my heart. The second opening, From the Aqueous Star with Love, takes the cake as the best opening of the 80s not only because I love it, but also for being a really great Gundam song.

Zeta overall is a grim Gundam series, and the second opening feels like only more grief would come to the main cast (and it seems that Kamille has lost his smile too). The powerful ballad and catchy chorus still makes it a great listen on its own. And with the first opening having copyright issues, From the Aqueous Star with Love has been commonly used as the main theme of the show, and rightfully so.

And that’s it for our best Gundam openings of the 80s! If you’re looking for more Gundam content, you can check out our Gundam Starter Pack 2020 episode, where we talk about the best shows to watch for Gundam newcomers.

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