As kids who were born in the 90s, we were spoiled with the influx of cartoons during that decade. We may have seen most of these on reruns in the 2000s, but it was a nice look into forgotten cartoons of the 1990s.

However many shows easily missed due to the large number of cartoons during that era. For every Cow and Chicken, there’s another series you might have missed. Here are a few 90s cartoons you may have forgotten about.

Some of our favorites include:

Super Secret Secret Squirrel

super secret secret squirrel... by Taylor Michele Cervantez on Dribbble
Photo by Taylor Michele Cervantez from

Super Secret Secret Squirrel, say that 3 times as fast as you can, was part of the Droopy revival in the early 90s and the Secret Squirrel shorts played support to the main Goofy stories. Think of it like the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons that featured a variety of shorts in one show.

The show was a tribute to the classic spy movies of the 60s such as James Bond and even American spy shows like Mission Impossible. Secret Squirrel was just the door to the even wider world of Hanna-Barbera cartoons that were on reruns all the time on Cartoon Network Philippines.

Without shows like Secret Squirrel I don’t think I would have been introduced to classic characters such as Snagglepuss, Huckleberry Hound, and many others.

The Mighty Ducks Animated Series

Yes, the movie inspired an actual hockey team and an animated series.

Disney is a marketing machine. No statement is more true than The Mighty Ducks movie franchise turning into an actual NHL team and even an afternoon cartoon show!

Nothing screams 90s more than ice hockey.

Yes, The Mighty Ducks featured anthropomorphic Ducks who live in a planet called, get this, PUCK WORLD. I’m not kidding. Puck World is such a cringe-y 90s sounding word. The Ducks, lead by Wild Wing Flashblade, aka the actual Anaheim Ducks mascot, fight crime in Anaheim and the evil Lord Dragaunus to find a way back to their home planet. They also play hockey in between episodes.

Does it matter that they are alien Ducks? Nope. It’s a cartoon and we’re here to suspend our disbelief. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where Disney Plus is available, you can stream The Mighty Ducks now.

Pepper Ann

Here’s a show that many people might missed because it was overshadowed by shows like Recess. Pepper Ann is a cartoon all about girl power without being preachy and is like Daria for a younger audience. Personally, I don’t know much about the series but Pepper Ann would always air on Disney Channel when it first appeared in Philippine TV during the early 2000s.

You can also stream Pepper Ann on Disney Plus.

Check out these cartoons and more on our latest podcast episode: Forgotten 90s Cartoons. Now on Spotify.

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