The latest episodes of The Geeky Juans Podcast discuss two topics close to our hearts: Wrestling and Comics.

When it came to wrestling, many people of our age group were introduced to pro-wrestling through WWE on JACK TV. The large offering of WWE programming that JACK had almost made half of the network’s programming completely dedicated to wrestling. Imagine, this was before the WWE Network even existed and JACK was broadcasting wrestling at an almost 24/7 rate.

JACK was airing Raw and Smackdown, albeit on tape delay. The popularity of WWE wrestling in the eaely 2000s was so hot that the people at Titan Towers decided to hold RAW house shows in Manila in 2006 which ran for two nights. In order for all fans to catch up to everything that was happening, Solar Entertainment gave us a few weeks of delayed RAW episodes to play catch up right in time for the house shows.

The wrestling fandom did not stop there. WWE was so popular that pay-per-view events were being shown in cinemas live! Jude and special guest Ro of The Wrestling-Wrestling Podcast talked about those events and more on Episode 60.

Listen to Episode 60 now:

Ro Moran of The Wrestling-Wrestling Podcast guest stars on Episode 60 to discuss wrestling and JACK TV

Prior to talking about wrestling, we also talked about the chaos that is happening at DC Comics’ offices including the multiple rounds of layoffs, the confusing reboot event of Future State, how the new event connects to Death Metal and much more!

We also talk about how the big 2 of Marvel and DC are now focusing on content that can cross over from the page to the screen so that they can generate more money. So get ready for a ton of geek speak with Steven and Jude as they attempt to comprehend the madness that is DC Future State.

Can Steven & Jude break down DC Future State in 45 minutes or less?

The Geeky Juans is a geek culture podcast and blog founded by Jude, Steven and Von. The weekly podcast is hosted by Jude and Steven where they discuss topics ranging from animation to video games to wrestling and beyond!

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