Many fans are disappointed with WWE when they released several wrestlers last week. Familiar names like Samoa Joe, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were among some of the wrestlers who were released.

WWE Legend Mickie James even made remark about her release just today:

Mickie James used a scene from The Simpsons to describe the situation.

Reports even came out last week that infamous WWE producer Kevin Dunn said that Billie Kay simply did not “get” Billie Kay and thought she had a ceiling in the company. Excuse me? Billie Kay has made the most of every opportunity she was given. She may not be the best wrestler, but she’s so damn entertaining. She made a gimmick about a resumé go over with the fans.

Jude is joined by Carlos of Wrestling After Work to discuss the recent WWE Releases.

On the topic of WWE releases, Jude talked to Carlos of Wrestling After Work to discuss the recent string of WWE releases and where the wrestlers could land after their 90-Day Non-Compete Clauses expire.

Jude flies solo to talk about the WWE Releases.

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