The Marvel Cinematic Universe is back in full force!

Spider-Man stands on a highway from Spider-Man: No Way Home (Photo from Marvel Studios)

The Geeky Juans share their predictions on what’s next for Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye and the rest of our favorite superheroes in a post-Endgame world.

Note: Stay tuned this Saturday at 9pm for our 100th episode where we share our Favorite Video Games of the Year

A Year without the MCU

After a year of zero, yes zero, Marvel movies, Disney unleashed a torrent of movies and tv shows for their audiences to see.

This new phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe started with Black Widow and now we’re seeing an even more diverse list of programs for audiences.

As fans of the MCU, we couldn’t help but get giddy over the possibilities this new universe holds.

Enter the Streaming-verse

We have come to know the MCU for its movies. I mean, the word cinema is in its name so we have gotten used to seeing our favorite Marvel heroes on the big screen.

However, fans always had a desire for character development. You can’t get origin stories down for every character when you’re in the cinema. Some movies are much-deserved like Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow film that finally premiered after a two year delay.

Other characters like Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has been featured in many movies but we didn’t get the full story until the Loki series.

Streaming has provided a new avenue for Marvel and Disney to give us deeper backstories for characters we may not have even considered at first.

Characters like Hawkeye, debatably, could have had a movie but I like the idea of a TV series so we can flesh out his character and see what happened before and after Endgame.

Passing of Torches

One of the biggest themes we saw in this new MCU Phase is the fact that roles are being passed from one character to another.

Sam Wilson became Captain America. Kate Bishop is about to become Hawkeye. The younger generation of heroes are being molded as we speak and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Even Spider-Man: No Way Home is sort of a passing of the torch with the rumored returns of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as their own respective versions of Spider-Man.

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker interacting with other versions of himself not only gives us that nod of approval from the previous actors, but it also opens up other ideas for the MCU.

What could the future hold?

Opening portals into the multiverse is another common theme of Phase 4. Loki broke time streams, Wanda broke the multiverse and we all know what Strange and Peter did by messing with his timeline.

So many things can happen now.

For all we know we could already be seeing the formation of a New Avengers team or maybe even the Young Avengers?

Listen to the episode below to see what we think could happen in the next few years.

Before our milestone 100th episode, we try to see what could happen in Phase 4 of the MCU

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