Cobra Kai Season 4 debuted on December 31, 2021 and is now one of the most-watched TV shows on Netflix.

Based on the popular Karate Kid franchise of the 80s, Cobra Kai focuses on the supposed villain of the series, Johnny Lawrence, and takes a look at his perspective.

What makes the series so good? Today, we’re giving you 4 great reasons to watch one of the best tv shows ever!

1. A great mix of nostalgia and the present

Cobra Kai captures the spirit of The Karate Kid without alienating new audiences (Photo from Cobra Kai Twitter)

Like many retro franchises (i.e. Star Wars, Transformers, etc) their biggest challenge is bringing in new characters while making sure older characters remain relevant.

The Star Wars sequel trilogy is infamous for getting rid of its original trio to replace them with a failed new trio. In the end, the Star Wars sequels became a victim of its own downfall from copying what made the original trilogy work.

Cobra Kai is just not like that.

When you first watch Cobra Kai, you believe that Johnny Lawrence is the main focus of the series. Yes, Johnny was the main focus for Season 1 but the attention isn’t all about one of the main characters from the original films.

Johnny’s student Miguel also gets relevant character development and so do the newer kids. Cobra Kai creates a perfect blend of nostalgic lookbacks on the classic Cobra Kai characters and brings them into the modern-day while not forgetting that the series also talks about the new generation.

2. Characters with multiple dimensions

Robby Keene really is misunderstood and the writers make you understand his side without forgetting the opposite (Photo from Film Futter)

Before the start of Cobra Kai, you were made to think that Johnny Lawrence was totally the bad guy in The Karate Kid franchise. The series flips the script and makes you realize that Daniel LaRusso was on the wrong a lot of times.

You can relate to Johnny’s struggles to be accepted by society after he entered a downward spiral in the All-Valley tournament.

Daniel LaRusso isn’t perfect either. The show discusses how he’s not as clean-cut as he thinks he is. Daniel has done some villainous acts thinking that it was the right thing to do.

Each character’s morals are not set in stone. You can understand why Robby Keene was enraged because he felt that Johnny was giving more attention to Miguel than him. And understandably so! Robby is Johnny’s son after all.

On the other hand Johnny is trying to become a better person and Miguel was the one who provided him with the opportunity to improve.

I can’t say this enough with the comparison to Star Wars, but all of the new characters get some form of character development one way or another.

Even the minor character you thought was gone could make a comeback out of nowhere and even contribute to the main plot!

3. A bitchin’ soundtrack

If you’ve watched any of the early episodes of Cobra Kai, you would know that Johnny is stuck listening to 80s rock and metal. You’ll learn a lot about music from that time.

I won’t spoil it, but man, you’re going to start headbanging like a lot of people did in the 80s with the musical selection of Cobra Kai.

4. A laid out series

Unlike most Hollywood reboots that throw caution to the wind, Cobra Kai seems like it has a plan with everything they do. Characters aren’t just thrown away to do nothing.

A character from a previous season could easily return and contribute an important plot point.

Even the youngest LaRusso child who had been on the shelf for the last three seasons suddenly gets his own sub plot!

And we totally forgot about him! Now I won’t spoil how his sub plot happens but it connects to the rest of the main storyline of Cobra Kai.

All I’m saying is that this series is a must-watch for old fans and newbies alike. Cobra Kai is the perfect blend of nostalgia and understanding for the modern audience

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