Well, ladies and gentlemen, CONQuest Festival 2022 has come and gone and we are on a post-convention high!

Some of the fun events from CONQuest included a comic book and art panel featuring artists (L-R): So Asian Comics, Sskait, Libreng Komiks, Hunghang Flashbacks and Aeonix

The timing of CONQuest couldn’t have come at a better time with people itching to check out gaming and artsy booths, showcase their creative cosplays, and meet their favorite streamers and artists. For many, the two-day event was enough to satisfy their geekdom.

As for us, we had a ton of fun at the convention!

Here are some of the best moments from CONQuest Festival 2022.

The Cosplay

Just like any convention, there was a myriad of cosplays at CONQuest. We spotted cosplayers taking notes, from popular anime like Spy x Family, Demon Slayer, and Chainsaw Man, to massive video games like Genshin Impact, League of Legends, and VALORANT. Of course, we spotted some Marvel and DC fans as well.

Here’s elswythe_ as Loki with the Infinity Gauntlet!
Twitch Streamer Sadbutkawaiii dressed as Viper from Valorant
The winners of the GICOF Philippines Preliminaries Team Zakabato cosplayed as Makoto Shishio and Himura Kenshin from the Rurouni Kenshin franchise
We found Rithe Coser cosplaying Bill Cipher!
“Remember! Reality’s an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold! Byeeee!”
Evil Overlord Gabo as Monomi from Danganropa

The Art

After not attending conventions for the last three years, it was great to see the local art scene thriving again. We got to catch up with artists like Libreng Komiks, Hunghang Flashbacks, and SSKAIT. We also met new artists like Studio Haebi, Resadent Evil, Swimming in Magic, and more.

The Magic Conch gave Steven a sticker of Dan The Penguin Buddy from Valorant
Psycho Potato Arts featured a fast food menu but also a reminder to take care of your kidneys!
Resadent Evil has Anya and Damian Stickers…with FOIL!
Some cat stickers from Libreng Komiks, and a cool Team Secret sticker set from Loser Mangaka!


One of the highlights of CONQuest Festival 2022 were esports events that happened over the weekend. The games kicked off with the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) and New Era University (NEU) battling it out in the Alliance Games League of Legends Final.

Alliance Games League of Legends Final!

We also got to see the esports team of De La Salle University (DLSU) face off against Far Eastern University in Call of Duty Mobile, and longtime collegiate rival Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) in VALORANT.

Apart from the collegiate esports teams, there were Guilty Gear and Tekken tournaments, and even one for rhythm game Osu! The local competitive gaming scene is surely thriving, and it’s awesome to see them featured in such a big event.

The Guests

It’s time to talk about the most exciting part of CONQuest Festival 2022: the special guests!

When guests like Kyedae and LilyPichu, among many others, were announced months prior, fans excitedly got their tickets and meet-and-greet passes. Along with them were Genshin Impact voice actors Anne Yatco and Christian Banas, who had long queues in front of their booths. 

There were also Community Stages where guests talked about anything from their streaming journey to artists’ creative processes. Attendees surely learned a thing or two from their fun stories.

Overall, CONQuest Festival 2022 was surely one of the biggest geek events of the year, providing us with a great lineup of guests and events that left the community really happy and satisfied. We’re looking forward to the next edition of the festival and hope to see more guests and gaming events!

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