We are now several weeks into the Triple H Era of WWE and boy have we been spoiled.

Triple H returned to WWE in July 2022

Wrestling Fans, boy are we glad we can say that again, have been blessed with the returns of Karrion Kross & Scarlett, Hit Row, Johnny Gargano and who else? The possibilities are endless now that Papa H is in charge. Let’s hope the honeymoon stage lasts long!

Now that we are in this new era of wrestling, we wanted to take a look at what Triple H’s version of WWE could look like. Here are some bold predictions for the Triple H Era of WWE:

First Names First

One of the weirdest decisions under the Vince McMahon era was the removal of first names or even surnames of wrestlers.

Matt Ridle is enraged after Seth Rollins mentions Riddle’s Divorce

Earlier this week, Matt Riddle finally got his first name back after months or maybe even years since he entered the main roster.

Remember when Cesaro’s first name was Antonio or when Rusev had the first name of Alexander?

Heck Big E lost his surname! We’re glad to see things slowly but surely changing.

Opening The Forbidden Door

Unlike his predecssor/father-in-law Triple H is much more open to outside partnerships as we’ve seen in matches like Tyler Breeze vs Jyushin “Thunder” Liger and the vast number of EVOLVE Wrestling stars that have appeared or even moved to NXT.

Very few people in WWE can say that they have wrestled against the legendary Jyushin Liger. The only WWE wrestler that comes to mind is Rey Mysterio but that was when WCW and New Japan still had a partnership.

I was surprised seeing the Breeze-Liger match even happen because NJPW never showed any hints of teaming up with WWE at the time.

Tyler Breeze had the honor of facing the legendary Jyushin Thunder Liger

Maybe having an executive with a modern wrestler’s POV will help change the way the wrestling world works today.

Could you imagine the possibilities of a WWE-NJPW supershow? Triple H could open the Forbidden Door and we can see a Hiroshi Tanahashi vs John Cena match that’s only the stuff of dreams.

Why not go for a battle of the chosen ones in Roman Reigns vs Kazuchika Okada?

The possibilities are endless!

More Factions on The Main Roster

One of the biggest missing piece in WWE that I’ve seen in other wrestling companies is the lack of factions.

NXT had its fair share of factions to help keep the ball rolling for everyone. As we’ve seen in companies like New Japan having wrestlers part of a faction gives them purpose in case they are not doing much in terms of storyline.

Let’s actually compare the Triple H-NXT vs the Vince McMahon WWE rosters. Give me one memorable main roster stable today besides The Bloodline and The Hurt Business?


Now let’s look at Triple H’s NXT: We got The Undisputed Era, SANITY, Hit Row, Legado Del Fantasma and probably more that we missed.

We would love to see more stables in the main roster so that everyone will be kept busy doing something and in return we as fans will be more invested in the WWE once again.

Reviving The Tag Team Division

One of the biggest weaknesses of WWE’s main roster under Vince was that we never saw any solid tag teams. Vince McMahon had a strange obsession with splitting up tag teams thinking they could never main event.

DIY established themselves as one of the best tag teams under Triple H’s watch of NXT

Now compare that to Triple H’s NXT we had a ton of teams.

Where do we even begin?

NXT produced so many tag teams that we still can’t forget about. There’s DIY, The Revival, The Vaudevillains, The Wyatt Family, American Alpha, Authors of Pain, War Raiders, Street Profits, etc. The list of tag teams NXT has made just goes on and on on…

American Alpha found their niche in NXT’s Tag Team Division

Vince McMahon never maximized the teams to their full potential and we are hopeful that Triple H can help revive the tag team scene on the main roster. After years of being afterthoughts, with a few exceptions like the Street Profits and the Wyatts, it will be a breath of fresh air to have actual tag teams again.

Storyline Continuity

Maybe the biggest issue that Vince McMahon had under his tenure as head of WWE was the stop and go nature of his storylines.

Remember the secret that Shane McMahon had locked in a briefcase? We never got the conclusion to that storyline ever!

Dexter Lumis abducts The Miz

The never-ending list of stop and go stories in WWE is too long to count but it’s a breatj of fresh air seeing the Dexter Lumis storyline continue week to week and even show to show!

Lumis’ storyline alone makes you have to watch Raw and NXT one after the other to see what happens next!

Behold The King

As we enter a new era in professional wrestling we want to know what you think will happen in WWE under Triple H’s leadership. Share your thoughts below!


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