The cast of Ten Little Mistresses poses for the Media at the Red Carpet at the Shang.

Ten Little Mistresses is a riot from start to finish!

The Cast of Ten Little Mistresses at the Premiere Gala of the film [C/O Prime Video]

What’s The Movie All About?

Directed by Jun Lana and produced by Perci Intalan, Ten Little Mistresses is a murder mystery movie about a rich, widowed billionaire named Valentin Esposo, who invites his ten mistresses to his mansion for a special party. When he mysteriously dies, the mistresses and the house’s head butler, Lilith, attempt to solve the mystery of his murder.

Star-studded cast

The movie is headlined by Eugene Domingo as Lilith, the head butler of Valentin whom he has fallen in love with. John Arcilla stars as Valentin Esposo, the rich playboy with a plethora of mistresses and a dark secret. He also stars as Constantin, Valentin’s twin brother.

John Arcilla speaks to the media [C/O Prime Video]

Domingo and Arcilla are complemented by their supporting cast, including Agot Isidro, Pokwang, Arci Muñoz, Carmi Martin, Christian Bables, Kris Bernal, Sharlene San Pedro, Adrianna So, Kate Alejandrino, Iana Bernardez and Donna Cariaga.

Ten Little Mistresses is a hoot from start to finish. The cast has such great chemistry that you forget how big the ensemble is. Director Jun Lana was able to balance despite the huge cast, which helped flesh out each character’s roles and stories better.

Every member of the main cast got their time to shine. Whether it’s Eugene Domingo’s Lilith or Donna Cariaga’s Chiclet, all of the mistresses have their time on screen. The supporting cast also got their own moments too, with little nuances that will make you hate them or love them.

A mystery worth solving

The film is filled with so much camp that you can’t help but think of classic ABS-CBN or GMA primetime telenovelas.

What makes Ten Little Mistresses so entertaining is that viewers don’t just get the classic Pinoy telenovela offering, but also get a nice murder mystery that makes you question the mistresses’ motives. Viewers will be entertained by the mistresses’ antics while wondering who really killed Valentin.

And though the running time of the movie runs for about an hour and a half, the actresses make the most of their screen time. The plot does not overstay its welcome and keeps things well-paced all throughout.

A Boatload of References & Amazing Costume Design

One of the most hilarious bits of the film is its callback to popular Pinoy pop culture tropes. Viewers will be familiar with references to movies such as Temptation Island and even a surprising reveal inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The best reference may be the moment that gave the audience the biggest laugh, however, but I’ll reserve that moment for you fine folks online to enjoy.

Jaydee Jasa, Jaylo Conan and friend pose in front of their work from Ten Little Mistresses

One more item I want to discuss is the amazing costume design by Jaylo Conanan and Jaydee Jasa’s impeccable work on headpieces. And let me tell you, the headpieces were definitely heavy as the actresses described in the press conference.

The costumes from Ten Little Mistresses on display in the blue carpet premiere [C/O Prime Video]

What makes the costume design of the film so good is that the costumes are intentionally loud because it matches the theme of the film. The film is about a rich guy who has multiple mistresses and what do you do when you have all that money?

These are truly some of the best costume designs seen in any Filipino movie in recent memory.

A campy fun murder mystery

Ten Little Mistresses is an enjoyable murder mystery that will leave you intrigued while having some laughs along the way. The cast has great chemistry, plus the costumes and set design are amazing.

Ten Little Mistresses is a movie deserving of a nationwide release to cinemas. However, being on Amazon Prime also means a large international audience can also watch this online anywhere, which is a huge plus for any Filipino film.

Final Score: 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Steven Maxwell Tan

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