LASALLE College of The Arts Singapore introduces new short courses for beginners and non-professionals who have a passion for the arts while still fulfilling their real-life responsibilities.

LASALLE College of The Arts introduces new short courses for 2022

Today, we’re talking about some of the NEW Short Courses that could pique your interest:

Historical Fiction Writing

New Zealand Writer and Editor Michelle Elvy will guide beginner scribes in creating historical fiction.

Create a new world while being as historically accurate as possible

Participants will learn about works of writers, reading the wide variety of stories and then even have the opportunity to share their own stories.

LASALLE’s course covers subjects that include establishing the character and locations, slow but steady world building and much more. Students of this course will hone their writing by focusing on being as historically accurate as possible while building their own new creations.

Learn how to participate in this class here


For a more unconventional class, learn how to beatbox!

Maximize your voice’s potential by joining a beatboxing class!

In this class students will study basic beatbox techniques, learn all about the different parts of your vocal anatomy to create sounds with your voice.

Learn more about the beatboxing classes here

How to make a Winning Pitch for your Script

Award-winning writer Ng Swee San teaches beginners to create strong story structures and make their own winning script pitch.

Create your own winning pitch.

From creating a concept paper to writing a pitch, the class will guide aspiring writers to make their own TV shows!

Participants will learn how to create loglines, character biographies, write series overview and synopses while setting the proper mood.

Another benefit of this class is that writers will also learn how to establish a connection with audiences.

Learn how to make your own pitch here

These classes are just some of the many new programs students can take part in the LASALLE College of The Arts.

For more information, visit their website and expand your creative horizons today!

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